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What causes visual disability? (Upcoming)

July 13, 2022

In this paper, demographic and socio-economic features of visually disabled population is explored using Nepal Living Standard Survey. Finally, it is tested whether the prevalence of visual disability is explained by demographic (biological) factors, socio-economic factors or both. In most of the countries, the distribution of various forms of disability is claimed to be skewed against male with one exception of visual impairment (Resnikoff et al., 2002). This phenomenon is said to be found in both census data and survey data. This paper aims to test this hypothesis. The paper will test whether females are statistically significantly more likely to get visual disability than male individuals in Nepal controlling for various demographic and socio economic factors. Second, a Bernoulli (Logit) model will be used to test the effect of various demographic, health related, socio-economic variables on the gender distribution of visual disability.

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